3 Ways To Get More Traffic From Existing Content

Jan 14, 2022 5 min read
3 Ways To Get More Traffic From Existing Content

Updating content is often one of the lowest of low-hanging fruit. Boost traffic significantly in minutes.

Writing more blog posts is not *always* the best way to get more traffic.

In this short article, I cover a few SEO tips and tactics I've used personally to get more traffic for my website by simply tweaking, editing and updating existing content.

Tactics included:

1/ Updating the meta title and description to increase click-through rates‍

2/ Refocusing your top-performing content around even higher volume keywords

3/ Rewriting or extending articles to push them to the front page

Let's deep dive those👇

#1 Get more traffic by updating the meta title and description

The quality of your title and meta description determine how many people click through to read your content.

After all, the title/desc are pretty much all the information a Google searcher has to go on when deciding what to click:

Example meta title/desc

So if they don’t click through to your blog post, it usually means:

1/ Your title and meta description don’t match the search intent very well.

Perhaps, like in the above example, I Googled "free chatbot" and got a 'complete guide to chatbots'. I'm not 100% sure the complete guide will give me what I'm looking for, so I'll likely choose another result.

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