5 Key Lessons From a 10-year SEO Career, By Kevin Indig

Oct 12, 2022 7 min read
how to build your SEO career

Reflecting on a 10-year career, Kevin Indig shares the lessons and stories from his time at Atlassian, Shopify, G2, and DailyMotion.

This week on the How the F*ck podcast, I asked Kevin Indig for career advice.

I mean, I had to, right?

In his 10 years as an SEO he's been:

  • Head of technical SEO at Atlassian
  • VP of SEO & content at G2
  • Director of SEO at Shopify

Safe to say, he's had an incredible career trajectory for 10 years.

In this week's Premium article, expect to learn Kevin's five bits of advice for SEOs & content leaders earlier on in their careers.

“If you were 8 years earlier in your career, what advice would you want to get from someone further ahead?”
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How to build a successful SEO career

Here are five things Kevin would tell his younger self:

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