5 Steps to Creating Product-Led Content That Converts (SaaS Guide)

Nov 9, 2022 7 min read
Product-led content that converts
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Product-led content weaves your product into the narrative to solve a problem.

It's created in a helpful, high-converting sweet spot. Right in the middle of your target customer's needs and your product value.

JBTD framework for product-led content

In this interview (How SEO helped Supermetrics grow to $50m ARR), Edward Ford noted how important product-led content was:

“If someone was searching for 'How to get Facebook ad data into a spreadsheet'. They’re not indicating any intent to buy Supermetrics. But our product could actually solve their problem easily, and, in turn, the content could generate demand for us.”

For this week's How the F*ck Premium article, I've pulled out the step-by-step guide for creating product-led content.

I'll use Supermetrics' best practices—and a teardown of a real piece of content of theirs.

In this article:

  1. Identifying common customer challenges
  2. Conducting keyword research to find product-led search terms
  3. How to actually write the article without putting off the reader
  4. Why writing from experience is so important
  5. How to choose the right freelancers for you
  6. Final top tips

5 Steps to Creating Content That Drives Signups in a Product-Led Company

1. Learn the common challenges customers have

Step one, as with most great marketing, is to understand what problems customers are facing.

List these out:

  • What are all the different ways your customers are using your product right now?
  • What are your top personas, and what challenges do they face every day that your product could solve?

There's no substitute for talking to customers and deeply understanding their needs, daily tasks, goals, and aspirations.

Here's a quick template from our other article on Jobs-to-be-Done where we look at a few more examples of product-led content:

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