The no frills marketing podcast

My name is Ben, I'm the creator and editor of How the Fxck.

I started interviewing marketing leaders because I was sick of not knowing if I could trust the content on the internet.

You know the fluffer content I'm talking about? The rubbish that somehow ranks at the top of Google?

More often than not all that content is written by people who have no first-hand experience. Half the time they're summarizing what other blogs say, making the internet one big circle-jerk. Not the ideal place to learn.

At the same time, I saw ridiculously cool marketing campaigns, stunts, and achievements, and thought 'how the fuck did they do that?' Where did they even start? Did they do it alone? What did they do in-house? How much did it cost?

Of course, no one was going into the depth I wanted (needed). The depth that would allow me to replicate their success.

So that's why How the Fxck exists.

To bring you detailed, experience-driven interviews to learn from. You know you can trust them because it's not just advice, it's a story.

No one is saying it will work for you, they're just saying what worked for them and how they did it.

If you got this far, you're awesome.

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