Casey Graham's how to build your brand on LinkedIn

Interviewee: Casey Graham, Gravy
Interviewee: Casey Graham, Gravy
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Casey Graham dropped about 100 knowledge bombs in this episode.

Casey is the CEO and Founder of Gravy, and he started posting on LinkedIn in January 2020. In just those eight months, he's built gravy into one of the most influential LinkedIn brands.

The gravy team now has four people on the sales influencer list and has seen significant business benefits from building up that brand on the platform.

In this week's episode, we've deep dived into how Casey managed this, what he posts, when, what matters, what doesn't matter and how he's supporting more than 20 team members at Gravy to build their personal brands.

You will have everything you need after off this podcast to get started and to convince your team to do so.

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