In this episode of the How the Fxck podcast, I chatted to Zvonimir Sabljić, founder of AWW App.

Zvonimir and his team built a powerfully engaging customer experience, which they leveraged to rank #1 in Google for some highly competitive keywords.

In this episode, you'll learn how they grew to 1.5 million monthly users, what marketing techniques they used, how they built a competitive advantage, and eventually sold to their biggest competitor, Miro.


00:00: Brief summary and intro to the podcast

01:00: Welcome

1:56: Discussion of SEO success on Google

1:43: How did SEO and Google help with the growth of AWW App

3:32: How customer experience helped with the success of AWW

4:26: Discussion of AWW’s customer experience principles

5:06: How simplicity can be used as a tool for success

5:55: Demonstration of how AWW works

10:23: How customer success and speed of engagement of AWW helped them have a low bounce rate

12:06: How does focusing on the user and prioritising their experience by giving them relative content help with ranking on Google

13:20: How many monthly active users is AWW attracting?

13:44: What are the main things you can rank on one page for?

15:00: How did Miro and AWW join forces?

15:30: At what point in AWW’s journey did they start to convert customers to paid?

17:40: How did AWW attract paid users?

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