Episode: How to Grow From 0 to 2.3M Organic Traffic in 12 Months

Sep 21, 2022 1 min read
Episode: How to Grow From 0 to 2.3M Organic Traffic in 12 Months

Scaling content production like this is a mind-blowing feat. Learn how it's done—and all the secret sauce along the way.

How the F*ck SEO edition kicks off with an interview with the awe-striking Dimitris Drakatos.

After stints at leading tech companies like Workable and Revolut, Dimitris joined Peanut to build their organic growth engine.

And, what a wild ride it was.

In 12 short months, the Peanut blog has exploded from 400 monthly visitors to 2.3 million. This kind of growth is extraordinary even in the world of exponential SEO graphs.

In this episode, expect to learn:

  • Why building an defensible SEO moat was top of mind for Peanut
  • The volume of content published—was it 10 articles per month? 50? 100?
  • Why Dimitris didn't focus at all on backlink building
  • Were website developers needed?
  • The three buckets of keyword types you choose strategically
  • Why avoiding cannibalization is so critical when producing content at-scale
  • What 7 points are KEY to ensuring content remains a high-quality

Listen here:

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