How to Create Your First SaaS SEO Strategy

Nov 23, 2022 7 min read
First SaaS Content Strategy

“I’ve built a thriving business JUST from this revenue-focused content plan sprint”—Brendan Hufford

Here's a challenge for you.

Imagine I'm the founder of a productivity software. We're sales-led, with a sales team to serve and a reasonably lengthy sales-cycle.

I've got some funding and now I want to use content and SEO to accelerate growth.

Where should I start?

This is the exact role play we covered in this week's episode.

My guest is the legendary SaaS SEO strategist, Brendan Hufford. He's worked with the likes of Dave Gerhardt to AngelList Ventures to ActiveCampaign.

In the episode, Brendan teaches us multiple content frameworks to use, as well as the right questions we should be asking before kicking off a new content strategy.

If there's one not to miss, this would be it.

We covered:

⚡ One alternative to 6-12 month SEO retainers and why it’s so effective.

⚡ A four-part framework for SEO success. Brendan uses this to scale his clients from $10m to $100m in revenue.

⚡ How SEOs can use the I AM framework to create content that wins in search.

⚡ Why your product offer is so important, and it’s much more than your software.

⚡ Why copywriter Eugene Schwartz is an important part of great SEO.

⚡ How to create a content plan (the role play and how to ask the RIGHT questions before getting started).

⚡ 5-step revenue-focused content framework for early-stage startups

⚡ Gated vs Ungated content, Brendan weighs in.

This week, I've broken down the most impactful part of the episode below.

New here? Check out our fast-growing library of SEO case studies.

5 Step Revenue-Focused Content Framework for Early-Stage Startups

The episode culminates in a super useful content framework Brendan himself uses to win clients. Before we jump into the framework, here are two key points to bear in mind:

Before You Start Keyword Research

Before you actually sit down behind your favorite keyword research tool, you need to craft your offer and truly understand the value of what you're selling.

1. Figure out what your offer is

Brendan notes that often software companies don't fully understand what their offer is.

They see their offer as their software. But what your customer is buying from you is never just the technology. They want a solution to their problem.

“How about you actually figure out why people are trying to buy and then give them the things they need to be successful?” - Brendan Hufford, Episode 10

Crafting an offer is a matter of going deeper and figuring out how you can give your customers true value, and not just a tool to work with.

define your offer
Your offer is more than just your product

Here are three ideas of what could be in your offer stack:

  • An exclusive customer community
  • A stellar customer success rep who puts in the effort to genuinely improve the customer experience
  • Training that will help your customers become better at whatever they’re trying to be better at

By knowing what the offer is, you can craft a more nuanced content strategy that's part of your offer.

Recommended read: Brendan names Russell Brunson and his books as his go-to for crafting a good offer. Here's a great YouTube video by him about creating mass movements.

2. Figure out what the value of your product is

The second thing that you need to know is what the value of your product is.

Brendan suggests a thought exercise: imagine for a moment that your startup’s product doesn’t exist.

How would you help a friend solve their problems without the tool?

Let’s take a productivity app as an example, one that helps users manage their time and be more productive.

Here is what Brendan says he’d do with their friend without the hypothetical app:

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