Growing and maintaining 175,000 weekly active users with the founder of Pouch

Interviewee: Jonny Plein, Pouch
Interviewee: Jonny Plein, Pouch
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This week's interview is with Jonny Plein, founder of Global Savings Group acquisition, Pouch.

Pouch is a browser extension that automatically applies voucher codes at checkout, reducing basket abandonment for brands and finding the best deals for users.

Pouch works with most of the largest UK brands and has around 150-175k weekly active users (!).

In this interview we discuss:

- Getting in +150 large publications.

- Appearing on Dragon’s Den (that’s the UK's version of Shark Tank).

- Skyrocketing visitor count (40k live visitors) and user conversions (2k to 60k in days) after the show.

- Dealing with churn.

- Reaching product-market fit.

- Creating 'wowing' customer experiences.

- The acquisition of Pouch 18 months ago by GSG.

This is such an exciting interview and the second one we’ve done with Dragon’s Den founders (check out Pasta Evangelists.) They’ve always got an interesting story to tell.

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