How to decide your first 30-60-120 days of content strategy

In this interview, I chat to content strategy expert, Kris Hughes, about how you should get started with value-driving content.

Hello and welcome to the How the Fxck podcast, this week we have an incredible marketing leader, Kris Hughes, who I had the pleasure of grilling about content strategy.

Kris has been a senior content creator and content manager for 10 years. Starting off growing a sports blog that evolved into a 15 million visitors a month network of websites, he’s since been a director of content specialising in driving traffic and generating inbound leads for a number of award-winning companies likeand QuickStart, Inc. He’s recently launched his own business aimedat helping solopreneurs and startup teams smash their first 120 days of content creation.

In this episode, we go into How the Fxck-style detail on the first 30-60-120 days. From driving value from your first post, how to conduct in-depth research to find gaps in your competitors content, through to lead generation, Facebook Ads, guest blogging and distribution.

I got excited by this one, it’s so clear and actionable. I hope you enjoy it. Follow me on LinkedIn to get the playbook.