Kicking off season two with a bang, we've got Tim Soulo, CMO of

In this episode, we cover:

• Growing the Ahrefs blog to 1.5 million monthly visitors

• Why traffic doesn't matter (and why Ahrefs has never used Google Analytics or retargeting pixels)

• How to design content that drives sign ups (and why you shouldn't waste your time on anything else)

• How to rank #1 in Google (like Ahrefs does for everything)

• What type of content Ahrefs writes and why it works so well

• How to make 'you' focused content that also adds a lot of value

• What are the limitations to this approach?

• How do Ahrefs promote their content? How do they build backlinks?

• What are the six ways content marketing at Ahrefs contributes to revenue growth?

• Are backlinks really important? If so, why?

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"You can be successful with a few simple fundamentals and by getting rid of non-essential stuff. Create a product that's genuinely useful to people. Forget growth hacks, make your product indispensable."

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