How to get 15,000 webinar attendees for <£1,000

Andy and I talk about all things lead generation and funnel optimisation in his role as CMO at LeadFeeder.

This week's marketing leader is Andy Culligan, the CMO of LeadFeeder.

Andy joined LeadFeeder in 2020 and took on the task of creating fresh pipeline and growing revenue through marketing.

In this podcast, he tells the story of cutting the marketing campaign budget to a third (by reducing paid and agency fees) but still getting the same volume of leads.

We learn how Andy and his team put on multiple webinars over the year that more than 15,000 people attended.

Interweaved with the story of webinar success we learn:

• Andy's secret to success (i.e. scaling Exponia from $4m ARR to $16m ARR).

• Why he lead the SDR team as a marketing leader.

• Why you need to match lead gen to revenue outcomes.

• How to design content around what's keeping your customers up at night.

• How to get 1,000s of webinar attendees even if you don't have a big email list.

• How to score your leads to only push the best ones to your sales development team.

• Why you must immediately follow up on demo requests.

• Advice on whether an 'eBook download' should be called immediately, nurtured or just wait for them to have higher intent.

• How to get from SEO to a lead.

• Why actionable content is king (or queen).

• Why you shouldn't overcomplicate things (which marketers so often do).


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