How to run a successful channel marketing campaign

Jan 14, 2022 4 min read
How to run a successful channel marketing campaign

We dig into the detail behind Lev's successful brand awareness campaign: All you need is Lev. And learn how Lev became top of mind for their channel partners.

This week, I interviewed Holly Enneking, the VP of Marketing at Lev.

Holly has so much fun with her marketing.

Just looking through the Lev website makes me excited.

The creative is on point and the campaigns they run are out-of-the-box.

In this episode, Holly told me about one particularly successful campaign titled, "All you need is Lev."

Listen to the episode if you want to know how Bluetooth speakers + songs titled 'Crazy in Lev', 'Lev me tender' and 'drunk in Lev', made it into their prospect's hands.

Lev's main revenue channel is through partnerships, so we also got to talking about channel marketing.

It was certainly interesting to hear how a marketing team focused on partners operates.

Hope you enjoy this one!

P.s. This week on my LinkedIn I'm going to do a #1 lesson learned from each podcast series. Connect with me to follow along.

What is channel marketing?

“So channel marketing is really about having partnerships and fostering partnerships in order to drive your sales engine. So for Lev, we are 90% channel focused. So what's happening for Lev is that we are closely aligned with our partners at Salesforce, especially the marketing cloud account executives that we're working with.

What happens traditionally in our sales cycle is there is an opportunity at Salesforce, they recognize the need for a marketing cloud partners, as someone who can come in and not only provide implementation services, but also, broader marketing strategy and how they're thinking about their marketing long-term past the initial implementation.

We really want Lev to be the partner that Salesforce is thinking of when recommending someone to a customer. You should work with Lev as a partner to help you get up and running with Salesforce. That's the traditional way that Lev gets introduced to a customer.

A lot of the work that we're doing is really just ensuring that within the partner ecosystem (so within Salesforce, in particular) that they know who Lev is, they know what we offer, they know the value that we add, they know that we can help them, and that we can bring value to the customer in order to make that customer successful within Salesforce.”

Is channel marketing right for you?

“I think it depends on your business and how your business model is structured.

What is the value of your channel partnerships when it comes to your sales organization or your organization? If there's value there, if there's a growth opportunity, then it is worth marking an investment to figure out how you educate and grow that brand recognition and awareness within that channel.”

Fundamentals of channel marketing

1. Understand that your customer and channel partner personas may be very different. Be aware of how you’re speaking to customers, what they need, and what they need to know about you. Remember that a channel partner isn’t your end customer, they may have very different needs and desires.

2. Brand: Stay true to it. Get your brand across in your communications with your partners. Stand out to them.

3. Value: It's important to show how you add value to your channel partners, as well as their customers. Show them why you should be top of mind, how you’ll help them hit their goals, and how you’ll help their customers be successful.

Lev's brand awareness campaign

How did you come up with the Lev “fun and playful” brand?

"Lev had gone through a rebrand not too long before I came on board. And, the marketer who led that Jenna, who's now the head of our,creative and emerging services, she's an absolutely incredible, talented woman. She had really created this Lev brand that had all of those elements already. It was fun. It was inviting, it was warm in a way that maybe some of our competitors are not.  And they had really built this 'Lev Life' culture internally.

All you need is Lev- The meeting room that inspired the campaign.

That was really a part of the whole Lev experience as an employee. And so when I came in, one of the things that I noticed was like, we do all of these fun Lev things internally, let's start using that externally.

And so we did an email campaign that was all you need is Lev, about Lev as the partner that you should be working with. We showed who we are and what we do and how we can help you. And it really got a ton of good feedback because it stood out it was different and it was fun.”

"All you need is Lev" brand campaign

Target audience: Account Executives at SalesForce, specifically those Lev had pre-existing relationships with: Currently working with, previously worked with, or had opportunities with. All had opted in to communications with Lev.

Goal: Engage channel partners and be top of mind when the need for Lev arises. Brand recognition and relationship building.

What did they do?

  • Education their target customer about Lev's history, value propositions, and growth journey.
  • Call-to-action include: "Get some swag"
  • Message centred around “All you need is Lev”

How did they reach the audience?

  • Email outreach that included the content and CTA
  • CTA = send us your preferred address. They then sent people who provided their address a swag box with stickers, designs from the emails, and bluetooth speakers with Lev songs Spotify playlist re-loaded.

Success metrics:

  • 20% form conversions to book a meeting
  • 60-70% open rate on emails
  • Anecdotally they were stopped on a visit to salesforce by people saying “all you need is lev!!”
  • Brand awareness is hard to track but Lev is still getting email opens a year later and people are still claiming their speaker!
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