2.3M new visitors in under 12 months?! Here's exactly how Peanut did it.

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I interviewed Dimitris Drakatos in late 2021 for this episode. He’d been at Peanut App for almost exactly one year as their first SEO lead—and their traffic growth was exponential.

In just seven months, Peanut’s search clicks had gone from 400 to 1.8 million per month. Within 12 months they reach 2.3M. This kind of impressive growth is almost unheard of, which is why I reached out to him to get the lowdown on how his team did it.

From implementing a similar strategy with my own clients, I know how hard these results are to achieve, particularly in competitive niches.

The fundamentals we learn from Dimitris’ story are a solid foundation for building your own SEO machine, but of course, the opportunity size relies on you having the right mix of resources, addressable keyword volumes, and competitive industry dynamics.

Let's deep dive into this case study.

Expect to learn:

  • Why building a defensible SEO moat was top of mind for Peanut
  • The volume of content published—was it 10 articles per month? 50? 100?
  • Why Dimitris didn't focus at all on backlink building
  • Were website developers needed?
  • The three buckets of keyword types you choose strategically
  • Why avoiding cannibalization is so critical when producing content at-scale
  • What 7 points are KEY to ensuring content remains a high-quality

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