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This week, I had an extremely insightful and in-depth chat with Tom Bangay, the Director of Content at the Series A stage contract automation startup for lawyers, Juro.

We got to the heart of some of the biggest conversation going on in the marketing world right now: brand vs lead gen; gated vs ungated; inbound vs outbound.

But the main topic of this week's podcast is Tom's extraordinarily successful ebook building strategy.

Using the techniques in the playbook we're about to discuss, Tom and his team consistently get over 1,000 organic downloads on their eBooks.

You'll learn:

• How to get influential people from top brands to contribute to your content (even if you've got no brand yourself)

• How to design content that people want to read

• How to decide what to write about: should it be product related or designed for persona fit?

• How to decide WHO should contribute to your eBook

• The secret sauce for getting so many downloads

• So, you've got 1,000 downloads. We also go through what to do with all those contact details to get REVENUE!

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