4 Thought Leadership Frameworks to Create Expert Content

Nov 2, 2022 6 min read
Thought Leadership Frameworks

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Did you notice a couple of years ago when tons of well-known companies reorganized their blogs into libraries? (Example: Lattice)

That was because of this one blog written by Jimmy Daly, the then VP of Growth at Animalz.co.

That article shifted the industry's thinking and set Animalz out as the go-to resource for content leaders. That's the potential power of writing thought leadership into your content.

Ryan Law, VP of Content at Animalz, is my guest on the podcast this week.

Any Animalz fans out there will know, Ryan's content is continuously straight 🔥

Ryan will probably kill me for saying this, but he's as close to a guru as the content marketing world has right now.

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In this episode, Ryan and I deep dive into thought leadership and how SEOs can, should, must incorporate it into their content.

Here's a sneak preview of 1/4 of the frameworks:


We covered these key points:

⚡ We learned the secrets behind Animalz own content strategy

⚡ We learned how Ryan chooses which topics to write about (seriously, steal these tips)

⚡ We learned why it's imperative that SEOs move away from the Skyscraper technique and start bringing new information to the table.

⚡ We learned how the Animalz team defines thought leadership (and the two core benefits of it)

⚡ We learned four frameworks you can use in your future blog posts to make your content stand out, build trust and credibility, and convert readers.

⚡ The power of people-first, unique and interesting content in SEO.

Listen above, or read below

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