Build a Scalable, High-Converting SEO Operation

The Scale Package gives you the methods, best practices and tool-kits for building a:

  • High-converting SEO content strategy (with clear prioritization & roadmap)
  • Scalable content operation (comes with documentation & templates for efficiency)

It's the experience-based system you need to turn SEO into an efficient, revenue-generating operation.

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“my last year has been a whirlwind of interviewing the most successful SEOs and unearthing their secrets”

Many of my connections will know, my last year has been a whirlwind of interviewing the most successful SEOs and unearthing their secrets.

In the How the F*ck community, I detailed 40+ incredible growth stories, like:

  1. How wrote +1,000 articles in 12 months (then IPO'd).
  2. How Peanut App Grew from 0 to 2.3M Monthly Traffic in 12 Months
  3. How RetroDodo grew to 1M clicks & £50K monthly revenue in 3 years

Each story revealed that a targeted content strategy and a well-oiled operation could bring in quality traffic and drive significant ROI.

Producing content at scale is a science

At the same time, I built my own fast-growth content operation.

I implemented ideas from each interview to scale quickly to producing 30 articles a month (in as little as 3 hours a week).

I fell in all the traps:

  • Hardly any documentation
  • Juggling to-do lists in my head
  • Creating content that lacked oomph

It took far too long to nail a process that both empowered writers to do their best work and limited my own involvement time.

I found that while creating content is an art. Producing content at scale is a science.

The science allows the art to really flourish.

Creating the Scale Package

I created the Scale Package to go beyond "theory".

It's designed to help you take action. Now.

My own scaling journey quickly showed me that thought out processes and efficient communication can save several £100s each month.

I want to give you that same superpower, to keep costs low while producing quality content.

So, the Scale Package has three elements:

the scale trifecta
1/ The Manual

Part one focuses on content strategy.

Before scaling content, you need to:

  • Truly understand how your target customer uses Google
  • Know the total addressable opportunity in front of you
  • Build a plan of attack that will bring real revenue

Part one goes deep into how to create an SEO-led content strategy.

Part two focuses on producing content at scale.


  • A thorough look at the methods used to scale content creation
  • Embedded best practices from the best in the business
  • The start to finish roadmap for scaling your content engine
  • Complete guide to hiring writers at-scale

Throughout the book, I provide worksheets, diagrams and documentation to accelerate your team's progress.

2/ The Machine

Throughout the guide, I recommend particular bits of documentation that are important to creating quality content efficiently.

To help you create your own quickly and easily, I offer 13+ of my own templates, SOPs and checklists. These will empower writers while cutting communication time significantly.

All of the documentation sits within my content operations machine dashboard. I've honed this over the last year to completely manage my content production.

3/ The Membership

Anyone who gets the Scale Package also gets an annual membership to the How the F*ck community.

The community does something special that you can't get anywhere else.

It gives detailed, real-world examples of people doing exactly what you are trying to achieve. It's a continuous source of inspiration and guidance.

You can expect an entire year of newsletters, podcasts, and, later this year, a chat community where you can share and receive advice.

Theory and templates are concrete. But weekly motivation to keep you on the path to success? That makes all the difference.

— Ben Goodey, Author & Founder of How the F*ck (If by some miracle you didn't find this page via LinkedIn, here's mine. Let's be pals.)

How to Produce Content at Scale [Table of Contents]

What Content Should I Create?

Introduction (the art & science of SEO content)


How does your audience use Google? (A guide to figuring out what will work for you and your business)


How to build your content strategy (5 key tactics, worksheets and templates to complete mapping your total addressable keywords)


How to Produce Content At Scale [12 Steps]

The Content Operations Timeline (scaling to 100 articles and all the steps to get there)


Step 1 - 12 for scaling content production (From planning through to maintaining stakeholder buy-in. These are the secrets of scale).


Commonly asked questions


Key resources (so you can keep learning)


Who's it for?

Replenish your framework for building SEO strategies that drive results for your clients. Learn to build and optimize a cost-efficient content machine.
SEO & Content Agencies
Waste less time on content that doesn't drive revenue. Scale a team of top-performing freelancers that will help you launch into your market quickly.
Content-Focused Marketing Teams
Scale your traffic. Leverage freelancers to efficiently build a library of content that not only brings eyeballs, but draws a loyal audience.
Publishers & Site Owners

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Scale Package

eBook: The secrets of scaling to 100 articles a month efficiently
Content Strategy Worksheet & Spreadsheet Templates
13 templates & standard operating procedures
The Content Operations Dashboard
Supplement: How to Hire Quality Writers at Scale + Writing Test Templates
30+ SEO case studies on SEO strategy & scaling
Newsletters & podcasts for 12 months

*Every purchase includes a free 12 month membership to the How the F*ck community worth £170. You'll get instant access to 30+ case studies, a weekly newsletter, and a (coming soon!) chat community.

Due to the nature of the product, no refunds are available.

Scale Package + Consultation

Everything in the scale package
1.5 hour consultation with Ben Goodey, author and SEO & content strategist.