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Sara Lattanzio

"Ben has created one of the best communities on SEO I have ever come across. I highly recommend his podcast and newsletter to anyone interested in hands-on SEO and content marketing advice."

Brandon Moore

Brandon Moore

"Love the case studies, they're excellent ๐Ÿ™Œ I've been leveraging your content to inform strategy and get buy-in from stakeholders it has been a tremendous help, thank you!"


Aaron Arias

"The UserPilot case study is just amazing. I've never subscribed to a paid newsletter before, but I'm hooked."


Tim Hanson

"The podcast I wish I had 10 years ago. In-depth real world case studies are the best way to know what you're learning is proven."


Samantha North

"Must add, this is a seriously great podcast. It's quickly become one of my top 5 marketing-related listens."


Josh Mcnicholas

"Love what you are doing and the money is 100% worth the golden nuggets you extract. You articulate it so well and save me a LOT of thinking time!"


Tim de Visser

"Listened to the podcast just now and was amazed. Super impressive traffic with 110 pages. Glad I gave Ben my Premium money."


John Harrison

"It's pretty hard to make it into my podcast rotation these days. How the F*ck did it though."


Lucy Moffatt

"The Premium community has paid for itself 100x over. My team has accelerated our search growth significantly."

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