How to drive growth with SEO content

Jan 14, 2022 1 min read
How to drive growth with SEO content

Strip away the bullshit and focus on the fundamentals. That's how Ahrefs built their extremely successful content marketing strategy.

Kicking off season two with a bang, we've got Tim Soulo, CMO of

In this episode, we cover:

• Growing the Ahrefs blog to 1.5 million monthly visitors

• Why traffic doesn't matter (and why Ahrefs has never used Google Analytics or retargeting pixels)

• How to design content that drives sign ups (and why you shouldn't waste your time on anything else)

• How to rank #1 in Google (like Ahrefs does for everything)

• What type of content Ahrefs writes and why it works so well

• How to make 'you' focused content that also adds a lot of value

• What are the limitations to this approach?

• How do Ahrefs promote their content? How do they build backlinks?

• What are the six ways content marketing at Ahrefs contributes to revenue growth?

• Are backlinks really important? If so, why?

• A hell of a lot of SEO tips

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"You can be successful with a few simple fundamentals and by getting rid of non-essential stuff. Create a product that's genuinely useful to people. Forget growth hacks, make your product indispensable."

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Blogging for business by Ahrefs

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