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Dive into the world of fast-growth SEO case studies on the How the Fxck podcast.

Our case studies get into the trenches alongside those who were *actually* there when it happened. To reveal the full story of what's working in SEO right now.

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Each of these case studies is based on an interview with the marketer who *actually* lead SEO at the company. No guesswork here. ↓

SEO Podcasts for Beginners

SEO can be a little overwhelming when you're getting started. These episodes contain a lot more "beginner" level tips and suggestions. Whether you're a SaaS marketer or starting a blog yourself, these episodes are jam packed with great advice.

What Makes a Great SEO Podcast?

Our philosophy when it comes to podcasting is that people should only talk about their experience.

What's working in the real-world matters most. Every strategy and success story shared on the How the F*ck podcast is based on the guest's own experience.

No fluff nor lofty opinions.

Top 5 Alternative SEO Podcasts

As you can imagine, we listen to a lot of other SEO podcasts.

They're often fantastic—and we're not afraid to share the love.

Here are our favourites and why they win in the great sea of podcasts.

1. How the F*ck SEO Podcast

Just in case this gets picked up in a Featured Snippet. Don't forget about our show. How the F*ck is hosted by me (Ben Goodey). It's made by experts to help listeners stay up-to-date on the latest real-world SEO experiences.

Show type: guests; case studies; listeners questions

2. The Authority Hacker Podcast

The SEO podcast hosted by Gael Breton and Mark Webster is a fan favorite due to its blend of casual and informative content.

The show covers big Google updates, answers listeners questions and shares insights from the host's experience. They keep it light with a bit of witty banter and fun dynamic between the hosts.

Show type: hosts only; listeners questions

3. Search Off the Record

This podcast is special for one reason: It's made by Google.

Where better to hear the secrets of search than from the horses mouth? There are four hosts, which keeps the podcast fresh. And, it's really fun to hear what it's like to work at Google—you hear stories from the inside.

Show type: hosts only

4. Crawling Mondays

Aleyda Solis hosts this once monthly YouTube episode. Each recording focuses on carefully crafted topics like PR, backlink building, content hubs, or Startup SEO.

Show type: guests

5. SEO Video Show

Paul Andre (DRE) de Vera's well-produced YouTube show focuses on expert interviews, asking them to share their career story and best strategy tips.

Dre does a great job hosting and building momentum behind his LIVE shows.

Show type: guests

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